What are the basic components of a billiard table?

2019-08-09 262

In real life, we can often see a large number of billiard tables in the billiard room. With the progress of people's living standards, some billiard fans will choose to put a billiard table in their home for recreational purposes. Playing billiards is a sports activity beneficial to physical and mental health, except to learn to play well. The key technology of the ball, the most important thing is to grasp the key structure of the billiard table; if you use the same equipment, you can only use it well if you grasp it. Next, table tennis supplies manufacturers will introduce the key structure of the table for everyone.

The composition and structure of billiard table are generally divided into two parts.

The lower part of the billiard table shelf is as follows:

1. Billiards legs, the shape of billiards legs is mostly similar to the cylinder, the style is fancy. There are also a few shapes of cuboids and so on. American gentleman billiards table usually has six legs, British gentleman snooker usually has eight legs.

2. Billiards board, short board, shape is cuboid. The length of the board is about 2.2 meters and the length of the short board is about 0.9 meters.

3. Billiards parts, long screw, short screw, cover plate, small horizontal inch (bar).


The structure of the upper part of the billiard table is as follows:

1. Main body: That is to say, the structure is usually made of hard wood, especially the small countries around the table. It is also suitable to choose high-quality hard wood, such as teak, oak, willow and so on. Billiards table refers to the table playing billiards, billiards is also called billiards, and professional, standard billiards table as a competition and entertainment equipment. The average table is full of six holes, four corners and two in the middle. The price difference of billiard table is very big. As far as the billiard table brand is concerned, the key of the world brand Snooker table is the old brand of Britain. The well-known brand outside Britain should be the star brand, Leo, Aolin and so on. On a billiard table slab without a table cloth, push the center point of the base ball slightly so that the ball rolls slowly (less than 0.2m/s) along the test straight line. If the line is unchanged, the flatness of the table is qualified. The quality of the main body immediately affects the stability of the billiards table (explanation: peace and tranquility; no change), so when choosing and purchasing, we must grasp clearly. Don't buy some inferior wood structure, it is very easy to deform after a long time, which will affect the actual effect of hitting.

2. Table: At this stage, the most common is the blue slate (SLATE), which is the real slate selected by the official global billiards organization. It is called bluestone or inkstone in our country. The origin of our country is in Jiangxi, which has been polished by machine, and the flatness rule is very high. The flatness of the slab is extremely important. The rule error is within 0.1 mm. At present, the best slab processors are Benz domain, double-sided grinding, and the accuracy (accuracy) is within 0.02 mm.

3. Taiwanese cloth: Taiwanese cloth is also called tablecloth. It can detect the quality of the tablecloth by touching it with its hand in the direction of the top storehouse. It is like touching a moustache mostly in the direction of the entrance storehouse. The more detailed (detailed smooth or detailed description, acting, etc.), the smoother, the smoother, the smoother, the better. It is also the key method to distinguish high and medium-grade import tables from domestic ones.

4. Ball pocket: when the explosive rod hits the ball, the rebound force acts on the chamfer of the flagstone at the mouth of the bag immediately, and knife-cut cracks often appear on the table cloth. When the explosive rod hits the ball, the skin of the bag mouth is damaged, and the ball immediately knocks against the copper (chemical copper) mouth. When the explosive rod is used excessively, its impact force hits the front end of the slideway, and the loosening of the nut often causes the problems of ball retention and ball leakage. Bag and slide nut should be checked regularly.

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