How to distinguish the quality of billiard clubs

2019-08-09 308

Generally speaking, the key factor to decide whether a club is suitable for oneself is feeling. This is the first thing to consider, and feeling is not clear in three or two sentences. It has much to do with one's personal habits. The best club I have used is YC POWER of 1000 yuan grade. It can only be said that feeling is general, but also used 1000 yuan. LP and Baisha, as a whole, there is no big difference between the 1000-yuan level and the 100-yuan level. If you can find the kind of feeling you like, then tens of dollars of clubs can also make you feel like a tiger. So how can we differentiate the quality of billiard clubs? Next, billiard supplies manufacturers will come and introduce to us!

The club should be straight. Place the club on the table or flat plate and roll the club to see if the club head bounces up and down. Whether or not the club body is attached to the table, the club head will not jump, and in the process of rotation, the club body is always attached to the table, indicating that the club is straight. Another method is to lift the club with your hand, as if aiming at shooting, while turning the club, while aiming at the club body, to see if it maintains a straight line. Bending clubs can affect aiming and hitting.桌球用品厂家

2. The length of the club. You need to choose according to the height of each person. The method is to stand up and measure the ratio of length to width from road surface to shoulder to mouth accurately with a scale. This is the ratio of length to width of the club to be selected. At present, the length of clubs sold by shops is 2.7-1.6 meters and the net weight is 350-600 grams. Some clubs are marked with a net weight of OZ (2 ounces of English, LOZ = 28.35 grams), and can usually use a 21oz club. Overseas, you can customize the clubs according to your own requirements, select your own materials, set standards, sizes and weights, and purchase satisfactory and comfortable clubs.

3. Ball club has a whole support, but also two, four-section combination. The clubs are easy to use, but when purchasing, pay attention to whether the bolts in the connecting positions are in the same boat or not, and whether they are not tightly bent after tightening.

4. The quality of the collider on the club will endanger the actual effect of hitting immediately. Head collision is made of leather products or fibre materials after production and processing, which is the key component of collision with the ball. Therefore, although the head bump is small, its key effect in batting must not be ignored, so it will be unsuccessful because of a minor flaw in the skin. When the collider has tried the necessary time, it is also necessary to check whether the surface is often collided and polished off, then it is necessary to use sandpaper to polish the surface to stubble, improve the friction control force to avoid slider errors. The ball head on the market is a circular sheet with corrugated corners. After gluing to the top of the rod head, it must be repaired and applied. Sandpaper is needed to grind the edges and corners into a half-moon shape in order to make excellent contact with the outer surface of the ball.

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