Points for Attention in the Use of Table Tennis Goods

2019-08-09 382

Nowadays, billiards have developed into many kinds: Russian, British, Kailun, American and Snooker billiards, among which Snooker is the most popular and officially recognized, and has become a competition item. Next, I will share some points for attention in the use of billiards supplies.

Points for Attention in the Use of Billiards Goods

1. Don't let any parts of billiard table be exposed to clear water. Because of the natural characteristics of wood, when it is exposed to water, it simply cracks. In the course of maintenance, don't touch the table with water-carrying cloth or devices. Even if it is cleaning, it should try to prevent water from being seen around the legs. If there is water, it should be dried immediately.


2. Don't touch the table cloth with sweaty hands. This will make the table cloth and dust form a solidified body, which will affect the accuracy of batting and the route and method. In addition, this will greatly affect the service life of the table cloth.

3. The maintenance and cleaning of the surface and legs of the table should be wiped with soft towels or cloth as far as possible. If there are dirty stains to be removed, a few of them can use Bailizhu or similar cleansers, but they should be used less. Whether such substances are chemicals, common use will also damage the table.

4. Temperature control is very important. Do not let the sun shine on the table at high temperature, which will affect the water content or characteristics of the table itself, simple rupture.

Otherwise, when maintaining articles, they should follow the physical characteristics of the articles to avoid abnormal damage.

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