Nursing Methods of Table Tennis Goods

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Billiards is an elegant indoor sport which is widely popular in the world. It is an indoor recreational sport that uses clubs to hit the ball on the stage and determines the winner or loser of the competition by calculating the score. Billiards is also called billiards (Hong Kong and Macao) and billiards (Taiwan). Initially billiards were made of wood, and then ivory. In addition to the billiards table, billiards supplies also include clubs, shell powder, lengthening handle, poles, triangles, positioners, triangles and so on. So how to care for billiards? Now let's get to know something about billiards.

Nursing care of billiards articles

I. Ball clubs

In operation, the main vulnerable part of the club is the skin, which needs to be replaced every four days or so evenly. Before using the newly purchased club, the maintenance skin made of compressed skin and with a large rubber content should be replaced.

(1) Material required

1. Skin

Made of deerskin, the most common is the American MASTER brand.

2. Glue

It belongs to flammable products, and can be divided into two kinds: fast glue and slow glue. Fast glue is used to paste after smoothing and slow glue is used to paste about 15 minutes after smoothing.

Rubber and leather are easy to consume and need to be purchased separately.

(2) Tools required

The main equipments are: file, sandpaper, paper cutter and leather fixator.

(iii) Alternatives

1. Cut off the maintenance skin with the blade and expose the copper hoop and wood.

2. Use a file to trim the ends of the copper hoop and the wood in the same plane.

3. Sand paper is used to grind the end face and the lower surface of the skin.

4. Scrape appropriate amount of glue with the blade and evenly apply it on the end face and the lower surface of the skin.

5. Fix the skin on the club with a fixator. If there is no fixer, you can hit the club head quietly with a hard device; or you can stand the club up and tap the ground with your head straight down.

II. Use of Balls

(1) Elements of damage

1. The wear of the skin reveals the copper hoop and hits the ball directly, cracking the ball or leaving crescent marks.

2. No carpet was laid on the cement floor, and the ball was damaged by impact.

3. Chemical deformation of ball caused by high temperature or fire.

4. Conventional pollution of the sphere in the air.

(2) Cleaning methods

1. Add a proper amount of liquid detergent (not using detergent as far as possible) to the warm water basin around 30oC, and soak the ball in water for about 5-10 minutes. If there are contaminants on the sphere, remove them with a soft brush.

2. Remove the ball and wash it in a clear water basin of about 300oC in another basin.

3. After cleaning, dry the ball with a thick soft towel.

4. Spray a few beads evenly on the outside of the ball and wash them repeatedly with a dry towel.

5. Enterprises and institutions clean their own balls once a week, and billiards halls in recreational places clean balls once a week.


3. Ball table

(1) The appearance of the wooden part of the table can be regularly scrubbed with Brilliant Pearls to keep it clean and bright.

(2) Taiwan

High-grade Terry is made of 100% pure wool (e.g. 6811 and 6 # terraces).

The cleaning methods are as follows:

1. The British-made 6811 sets and Spanish-made sets are woven in two directions: along-wool and reverse-wool (judged by direct contact with hands). When dust removal, the soft brush should be held tightly and pulled straight along the direction of the hair, not pulled back or drawn arc.

2. Draw straight line with the front end of the soft brush in the angle area between the edge of the reservoir and the table.

3. The fluff of domestic cloth has no direction, but when dust removal operation, the brush should run in one direction.

4. Keep cleaning the cloth 1-2 times a day and ironing along the wool direction is preferable.

Matters needing attention:

No liquid should be sprinkled on the table cloth, especially sugary liquids such as beer and beverage. Otherwise, the table cloth will harden and affect its service life.

Specially: It's very important to have your own special club. When placing it, you should be as straight as possible with the ground.

Never let the club get hit from the side, it will bend the club!

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